Emergency Alert System: Oberlin College’s Emergency Messaging System in the Event of Campus Emergency

Oberlin College incorporates in its emergency response plan an alert system that uses multiple delivery methods to provide emergency information to students and employees of the college. The Emergency Alert System, Blackboard Connect (formerly ConnectED), is activated only when a critical incident is either imminent or under way, and as soon as sufficient detail is available to provide constructive information to protect and inform community members.  Some instances where the system might be activated include the issuance of a tornado warning for our community by the National Weather Service, or during police or fire response requiring notice to shelter in place or evacuate quickly.

Each student, faculty member, and staff member may select up to two e-mail addresses and six telephone numbers to store in the system's database. The system has the capacity to send voice messages to landlines and cell phones and to send text messages to cell phones, e-mail addresses, TTY/TDD devices for the hearing impaired, and other text-receiving devices. Emergency alerts will also appear on Oberlin's OnCampus web pages. During an emergency, a member of college Safety and Security Office will issue an alert that will be sent to each phone number and e-mail address that campus community members have elected to store in the database.

Oberlin College has entered into a database the employee office phone number and e-mail address of faculty and staff that are on file in the Office of Human Resources, and student phone number and college e-mail address that are on file in the office of Residential Education. Make sure to verify your contact information and follow the instructions to make changes if necessary. You need your T-number and Oberlin e-mail address to access the database. Oberlin e-mail addresses are necessary to log in to the system the first time; once logged in, individuals can change the e-mail address to where they want alerts sent. If needed, employees may obtain assistance through the Office of Safety and Security.

Students and employees are responsible for verifying and updating their personal contact numbers and e-mail addresses stored in the database. (Please note: The Emergency Alert System information is exclusive to the system. Changing the number in the database does not modify any information recorded in Banner, the college's database. To update information in Banner, students should notify the Office of the Registrar and employees should notify the Office of Human Resources.)

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If you have questions about the Emergency Alert System and about how to use it, browse through the set of FAQs to get your answers.

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If you have questions about the Emergency Alert System:

Students, faculty, and staff members should contact the Office of Safety and Security; send e-mail to cbarnes@oberlin.edu or mburton@oberlin.edu or call x58444.