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Library Staff & Departments

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(Area code is 440)

Administrative Office

Alexia Hudson-Ward alexia hudson-ward Director of Libraries 775-5024
Alan Boyd  Associate Director of Libraries 775–5015
Diane Kajganich Special Collections/OberlinScholarshipOA Cataloger 775–5149
Megan Mitchell  Digital Initiatives Coordinator 775–5028
Bill Ruth  Assistant to the Director 775–5041
Marla Thompson  Secretary to the Director 775–5042
Ray English Emeritus Director of Libraries 775-8287

Cataloging and Metadata Services

Selina Wang  Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services 775–5113
Phyllis Boulton Bookkeeper 775–5022
  Catalog and Metadata Services Assistant 775–5117
Sara Hasley Catalog and Metadata Services Assistant 775–5110
Carol Livchak Catalog and Metadata Services Assistant 775–5118
  Catalog and Metadata Services Assistant 775–6490
Tammy Martin Catalog and Metadata Services Assistant 775–5025


Circulation Desk - main.circ@oberlin.edu 775–5016
Allison Gallaher  Head of Circulation 775–5019
Cameron Chan Weekend Desk Supervisor 775-5020
  Weekday Desk Supervisor 775–5017
Joseph Maiville Evening Desk Supervisor 775-5007
Cameron Chan Stacks Supervisor 775–5018

Collection Development

Jessica Grim  Collection Development and Management Librarian 775–5035
Faith Hoffman  Gifts Coordinator 775–5101

East Asian Collection

Runxiao Zhu East Asian Studies Librarian 775–5116

Electronic and Continuing Resources

Ellen Broadwell Electronic and Continuing Resources Assistant 775–5121
Ashley Maiville  Electronic and Continuing Resources Assistant 775–5034
Cecilia Robinson Electronic and Continuing Resources Assistant 775–5103

Interlibrary Loan - ill@oberlin.edu

Diane Lee Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 775–5039


Patricia Rush Preparations Assistant 775–5115


Ed Vermue  Preservation Librarian 775–5043
Lindsey Felice Preservation Assistant 775–5102

Reference & Instruction

Research Help Desk reference@oberlin.edu 775–5031
Cynthia Comer  Reference & Instruction Librarian 775–5032
Eboni Johnson  Reference & Instruction Librarian 775–5026
Rosalinda H. Linares Reference & Instruction Librarian 775–8105
Jennifer Starkey  Reference & Instruction Librarian 775–5072
Julie E. Weir  Reference & Academic Commons Assistant 775–5037


Michael Palazzolo  Reserve Supervisor 775–5036

Special Collections

Ed Vermue  Head of Special Collections 775–5043
Robert Bartels  Archives & Special Collections Intern  
Lindsey Felice   Special Collections Assistant 775–5102


Alan Boyd Library Systems Head 775–5015


Kenneth M. Grossi  College Archivist 775-8014
Anne C. Salsich  Associate Archivist 775-8014
Louisa Hoffman Archival Assistant 775-8014

Art Library

Circulation Desk   775-8635
Barbara Prior  Art Librarian 775–5144
Kay Spiros Administrative Assistant 775–5143

Conservatory Library

Circulation Desk 775-8288
Reference Desk 775-5129
Deborah Campana  Conservatory Librarian 775–5128
Kathy Abromeit  Public Services Librarian 775–5131
Kimberlie Fixx Preparations Assistant/Department Assistant 775–5134
Faith Hoffman Stacks Coordinator 775–5133
Phyllis Jones Senior Recordings Cataloger 775–5137
Lois Kane Assistant Recordings Cataloger 775–5138
  Technical Services Librarian 775–5139
Justin Long Assistant Circulation Coordinator (Temp) 775-8231
Jeremy Smith  Special Collections Librarian and Curator of the James and Susan Neumann Jazz Collection 775–5181
Greg Solow  Circulation Coordinator 775–5136
Anne Sprague   Assistant Music Cataloger 775–5142
  Circulation Coordinator (weekends)  

Science Library

Circulation Desk 775-8310
Alison Ricker  Science Librarian 775–5146
Jennifer Schreiner Administrative Assistant 775–5147
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January 03, 2017