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New Books received March 21, 2017

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Where are the new books?

Books are listed in call number order, in the following subjects:

Agriculture  - S Climatology - QC Pharmacology - QV
Anatomy  -  QM Ecology  -  QH Physics  -  QC
Astronomy  -  QB Geology  -  QE Physiology   -  QP
Biochemistry  - QD Immunology - QR Science (general, history, philosophy) - Q
Biology  -  QH Medicine  -  RA Technology  -  T
Botany  -  QK Microbiology  -  QR Virology - QR
Chemistry  -  QD Neuroscience   -  RC Zoology   -  QL


Q - Science (General, History, Philosophy) & QA - Mathematics & Computer Science

The African American student's guide to STEM careers / Robert T. Palmer, Andrew T. Arroyo, and Alonzo M. Flowers III ; foreword by Fred A. Bonner II.
Q147 .P36 2017.

Quantum leaps in the wrong direction : where real science ends-- and pseudoscience begins / Charles M. Wynn and Arthur W. Wiggins ; with cartoons by Sidney Harris.
Q172.5.P77 W96 2017.

QB - Astronomy, Cosmology


QC - Physics, Climatology

Reality is not what it seems : the journey to quantum gravity / Carlo Rovelli ; translated by Simon Carnell and Erica Segre.
QC178 .R69313 2017.

Entropy : the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth / Arieh Ben-Naim.
QC318.E57 B4583 2017.

Applying color theory to digital media and visualization / Theresa-Marie Rhyne.
QC495.8 .R58 2017.

Quarks, leptons and the big bang / Jonathan Allday.
QC793.2 .A394 2017.

QD - Chemistry, Biochemistry


QE - Geology, Paleontology

Revolutions in the earth : James Hutton and the true age of the world / Stephen Baxter.
QE22.H9 B395 2003.

QH - Biology, Ecology, Genetics

August Weismann : development, heredity, and evolution / Frederick B. Churchill.
QH31.W45 C48 2015.

A meeting of land and sea : nature and the future of Martha's Vineyard / David R. Foster ; illustrations by Brian R. Hall ; photography by David R. Foster.
QH105.M4 F67 2017.

The book that changed America : how Darwin's theory of evolution ignited a nation / Randall Fuller.
QH365.O8 F85 2017.

Messages from islands : a global biodiversity tour / Ilkka Hanski.
QH541.15.B56 H364 2016.

QK - Botany

The botany of empire in the long eighteenth century / [editors] Yota Batsaki, Sarah Burke Cahalan, Anatole Tchikine.
QK15 .B68 2016.

Flora unveiled : the discovery and denial of sex in plants / Lincoln Taiz and Lee Taiz.
QK827 .T35 2017.

QL - Zoology

Qing Zang Gaoyuan zhen xi ye sheng dong wu = Precious and rare wildlife in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau / [zhi xing zhu bian Peng Jitai, Zhong Xiangqing].
QL84.5.C6 Q563 2010.

The rhinoceros and the megatherium : an essay in natural history / Juan Pimentel ; translated by Peter Mason.
QL737.U63 P5313 2017.

QM - QP Anatomy - Physiology

Other minds : the octopus, the sea, and the deep origins of consciousness / Peter Godfrey-Smith.
QM451 .G58 2016.

Aging is a group-selected adaptation : theory, evidence, and medical implications / Josh Mitteldorf, PhD ; foreword by Michael Rosenzweig.
QP86 .M58 2017.

Elements of human voice / C. Julian Chen, Columbia University, USA.
QP306 .C44 2017.

QR - QW Microbiology, Virology, Pharmacology

Rebel genius : Warren S. McCulloch's transdisciplinary life in science / Tara H. Abraham.
QP353.4.M33 A27 2016.

Viruses : more friends than foes / Karin Moelling.
QR360 .M575 2017.

R - Medicine, Neuroscience


S - Agriculture, Soil Science


T - Technology, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Liquid assets : a history of New York City's water system / Diane Galusha.
TD225.N5 G35 2002.

Opportunity, Montana : big copper, bad water, and the burial of an American landscape / Brad Tyer.
TD899.C59 T94 2013.

Where are the new books?  The new book area is on the right as you enter the Science Library. Books are displayed on the glass shelves facing outward (toward the science center corridor) and in call number order on the wood shelves below.  All regular circulating books on the new book shelf are available for immediate checkout. Please search OBIS for stacks location and availability if the books are no longer on the new book shelf.

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