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Summer Borrowing Privileges Request Form

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(Continuing students only; graduates must register as courtesy borrowers)


Last name/First name:


Summer mailing address (address after you leave campus or after May 26, 2014):


City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________________

How long will you be remaining in Oberlin?

  •  _____ I will be here all summer (Privileges extended until August 30, 2014)

  • _____ I will be here until ___________________________. (Privileges extended until this date)

  • _____ I will be leaving on ____________________________ and wish to take books with me to complete coursework due on ______________________. (Privileges extended until the incomplete is due)

Please note: completion of this form does not change the due date of materials you currently have checked out.  Once you've submitted this form, be sure to renew all the library materials you are planning to keep.

By signing below, I understand and agree to the following terms:

  1. I will be at the above address until the date indicated. I understand that my privileges will expire and all library materials will be due on the date above.
  2. If a book is recalled, I will return it to the library immediately, via the fastest priority mail available, such as Federal Express or UPS. I will be responsible for any fines that accrue should the book get to the library after the due date indicated in the recall notification.
  3. These books are my responsibility and I agree to return them to the Oberlin College Library in good condition.



1. Immediately upon submission of a completed form, extend the expiry date:

  • To August 30, for borrowers staying all summer
  • To the departure date, for borrowers staying for part of the summer
  • To the due date for the materials, for borrowers finishing incompletes

2. When the borrower's departure date arrives (for incompletes), or on May 27, 2014, change the ADDRESS field to the summer address

3. When the borrower's expiry date arrives, change the PTYPE to 21, the expiry date to August 30, and put the summer address in ADDRESS2, if it's different from the current home address.

Expiry date updated:_________ ADDRESS updated:__________________ PTYPE updated:__________________

May 1, 2014

Last updated:
May 09, 2014