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Below are many different websites, eZines, books and CD-ROMs that contain more collections and information about Mail Art and its history. Click the category of resources you'd like browse below, or scroll down.

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Mail Art Core Bibliography [MS Word document]

This document collects records of publications related to Mail Art that are held in the collection of the Clarence Ward Art Library.



Envelope Collective
This website was created by two Oberlin College students in 2005. It consists of a constantly growing Mail Art collection based here in the town of Oberlin, and features a gallery for viewing each submission.

A German Mail Art site with history, techniques and exhibits about the art form. It includes a message board for active projects.

Artistamp Inc.
Great site! Of the most interest are the numerous links subdivided into categories like Artistamps, Philately, etc. Essays from Harley, Anna Banana, Guy Bleus, Lewis Tauber and Peter Frank.

5th International Mail-Art-Biennial
Kulturkurier (Pressemitteilung) - Germany

Collaborative MailArt
Presented by the Visual Arts League. Includes some beautiful images of Mail Art work by artists that seem to belong to a newer generation.

The Electronic Museum of Mail Art (EMMA)
Mastered by Chuck Welch (A.K.A. Cracker Jack Kid), this website includes his bio and that of honoria plus full-text copies of a few of his Netshaker magazines as well as a large gallery (about 70 artists represented) and a fair amount of Mail Art related links.

Mail Art 1955 to 1995
This site is created by Ruud Janssen, Netherlands, to publish the Thesis written by Michael Lumb, England. No images included.

Sections of the website dedicated to Mark Bloch projects, Ray Johnson, Bern Porter and Carlo Pittore, and Mail Art.

Spare Room: M@ilart
Includes surveys of about 30 people who own or maintain Mail Art collections with questions such as "date founded" and "approximate number of works". Also a long essay entitled "(Mis)reading Mail Art" written by Matt Ferranto and some images from a 1999 Mail Art project called "dead white mail".

Sztuka Fabryka Gallery
Includes the Mail Art Encyclopedia with extensive bios of many of the artists included in the database. Also explains the organizational system of the archive (maintained by Geert De Decker) and you can also access the list of artists contained in the archive. Information about the Independent Arts Festival and De Decker's magazine can also be accessed as well as a gallery.

A Mail Artist's Anthology, Ruud Janssen, TAM
This website is particularly helpful for its Overview words used in Mail-Art & Networking section. (abstracts for website section added by Teresa Soleau, May 2005)

International Directory of Artistamp Creators (IDAC)
This website gives only brief biographical information about each artist, but dates of birth are many times listed and you can an example of the work.

American Helvetia Philatelic Society
This site has nothing to do with Mail Art, but I was in contact with someone at the site concerning deciphering a swiss postmark on a H.R. Fricker work. There may also be societies like this one dedicated to philately from other countries that may be useful to find in case questions arise.

Planet Susannia

Kerchunk Rubberstamping

Shouting at the Postman






Jas Cyberspace Museum

Terra Candella

Traveling Art Mail

Tree of Poetry

Vortice Argentinaz

Online Articles


Perneczky, Geza. Network Atlas: World and Publications by the People of the First Network. Soft Geometry, Cologne. http://www.c3.hu/~perneczky/atlas.html (updated April 2003).

DeDecker, Geert. Sztuka Fabryka (2005). Mail-Art Encyclopaedia. http://www.sztuka-fabryka.be


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“Welcome to artezine, this site is for everyone that's interested in playing and having fun with paper, paints, inks and stamps, and any other exciting mediums.
The aim is to inspire and get your creative energies going.You will find:- many artists who generously show their work, workshops, specialized articles, places to surf for ideas and interesting sites, links to online materials in the U.S and U.K This non commercial site is updated with new articles and work as often as possible,  and you're welcome to contribute artwork, articles and links “
[BQP viewed 1/5/2005]

erraticus zine
(formerly AEZine)
[Noah – please comment this out; it’s not completely up yet. Thanks Barb] [BQP viewed 1/5/2005]

ARTitude zine
This website supports the printed “ARTitude zine” by selling issues and glimpses of their contents.
“ ARTitude Zine is packed with beautiful artwork, tips, projects, techniques and so much more. Check out the highlights of each issue by clicking on the links below. Order today and prepare to be inspired!”
[BQP viewed 1/5/2005]


“ ARTtalk is a monthly eight-page newsletter available on line and FREE-OF-CHARGE from Participating Art Material Retailers in the U.S., Canada and Bermuda. Each month you'll find informative articles that deal with a variety of subjects such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, arts and crafts, and more. These explain various techniques--how to work and paint with watercolor, oils, or acrylics; use pastels or pen and ink, airbrush, and more. You'll find information on art history, current events and art world news, as well as an occasional “Kids’ Korner.” Subjects vary and change each month.
ARTtalk...the link between you, the visual artist, and the manufacturer of art materials.   Established 1990”
[BQP viewed 1/5/2005]

Pieces Rising: Alchemy for Artists
“ Pisces Rising is a zine edited and published by Terry Lee Getz. The content is about and for artists of all types. Our focus is on mixed media, photography, writing, unusual inspirations and sources for art materials and techniques.
The name came about because I am Pisces rising and Pisces is aligned with dreams, art, delusions, photography and poetry. Pisces rules the unconscious mind, therefore symbolism is prevalent and the right brain rules. Think oceans blue, murky depths, emotions, intuition, dreams and mysterious secrets. The quirky eccentricities of Pisces will be obvious in the content of each issue.”
[BQP viewed 1/5/2005]

Tabloid Trash: The 'Zine for Carvers and Mailartists (Archive)
No longer updated, but a good archive specializing in e-mail art and rubberstamp carving.
[BQP viewed 1/5/2005]

REALLY rich site; much more than Mail Art….


Traveling Art Mail Blog - http://iuoma.blogspot.com/

Michael Leigh - http://flobberlob.blogspot.com/

Jonathan Stangroom - http://jstangroom.blogspot.com/
bentspoon (Ross Priddle) - http://bentspoon.blogspot.com/
buZ blurr - http://res.npcc.edu/bbutler/buz.htm
boek 861 - http://boek861.com/
Mick Boyle blog - http://digitalmailart.blogspot.com/
Luc Fierens/Anina Van Sebroek - http://www.vansebroeck.be/
Guido Vermeulen - http://www.friour.net/




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Gahlinger-Beaune, Giovanni & Rosemary. The World of Artistamps Volume 1. North Delta, BC: Artistamp Inc, 1999. (N6494.M35 G34 1999 - Art CD-ROMs)



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