E.A. Vigo

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Edgardo Antonio Vigo (1928-1997) is an Argentinian mail artist and visual poet who began corresponding with visual poets in 1966 and began making artistamps in 1976. He was editor of the Diagonal Cero magazine starting in 1963 in order to publish articles and information about mail exchanging. The aim of much of his art is to expose the Argentinian dictatorship’s role in the disappearance of his son, Abel Luis, and to find ways around government censorship.


Acciones interconectadas por secuencias = Interconnected actions by means of sequences. La Plata : [E.-A. Vigo], 1973.

Sources for obtaining more information about the artist:

Website: www.eavigo.com.ar - many examples of his work.

Jannsen, Ruud. Mail interview with Edgardo Antonio Vigo. 1995 http://jas.faximum.com//library/tam/tam_vigo.htm

Perneczky, Geza. Network Atlas: World and Publications by the People of the First Network. Soft Geometry, Cologne. http://www.c3.hu/~perneczky/atlas.html (updated April 2003). Vol. 2, pp. 140-143.

Discrepancy with dates of birth (International Directory of Artistamp Creators – 1927, Ruud Jannsen Mail-Interview – 1923). I am using the one listed in the biography of his website. Most biographical information obtained from Vigo’s interview with Ruud Jannsen.

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