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Edwin Varney (b. 1946) is a Canadian poet, critic, editor, and mail artist who began producing artistamps in 1984. He is known as Big Dada and refers to Canada as Canadada. He heads the Museo Internacionale de Neu Art and is the creator of Mondo Postale. He has also published many Canadian writers under the imprint of Intermedia Press. His most recent book of poetry was entitled What the Wind Said.


Mona Lisa and other mail art projects / curated by Ed Varney & Ann Rosenberg. Surrey, B.C. : Surrey Art Gallery, 1988. – Exhibition Catalog

What the wind said / Ed Varney.Prince George, B.C. : Caitlin Press, c1991.

Ed Varney Ltd. annual report. Vancouver, B.C. : Ed Varney, 1994-

Library Square artistamp project : saved by a story / Friends of the Vancouver Public Library.Vancouver : Friends of the Vancouver Public Library, 1995.

Art of juxtaposition : public art project at Library Square / Famous Empty Sky. Vancouver : Famous Empty Sky, 1996.

Wrapped : artists & eccentrics : new work by Arlene D. Byrne / [text by] Elizabeth

A. Griffiths, Kathleen Sykes, and Ed Varney. Vancouver : Avenue for/des Arts, 1998.

Art & artists of the 20th century / presented by Avenue for/des Arts ; curated by Ed Varney.Vancouver : Avenue for/des Arts, 1999.\

Sex sells : x-rated / [writing: Ed Varney and Jack MacColl] [Vancouver : Fluxzine, 1999]

Sources for obtaining more information about the artist:

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