Shozo Shimamoto


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Shozo Shimamoto (b. 1928) is a Japanese mail artist and pioneering performance artist known to use his shaved head in a variety of ways. He is a founding member of the Japanese artists’ group Gutai, a group of artists working in post-war Japan, who focused on materials in a way that blurred the distinction between creative and destructive action (the Tate Collection, ). Shimamoto is also a professor at Kyoto Educational University and mayor of Ryujin Village, Wakayama prefecture.


Editor of Gutai. Nishinomiya-shi : Gutai Bijutsu Kyo¯kai, 1955-1965 - Periodical

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A.[Japan : s.n.], c1981 (Osaka : Japan Art Press Center)


Shozo Shimamoto’s Gutai & A.U. Nishinomiya-shi : Ichibankan, 1983.

AU = Art unidentified. Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya City : S. Shimamoto, c1988. – Exhibition Catalog

Shozo Shimamoto networking. Koshienguchi : S. Shimamoto, 1990.

Shozo Shimamoto : 1993.5.2-5.27. Osaka, Japan : Art Gallery La Fenice, [1993] – Exhibition Catalog

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