Guglielmo Achille Cavellini

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Guglielmo Achille Cavellini (1914-1990) was an Italian mail artist also known as GAC who “started his activity in the art world in 1946 as a collector. His collection, which was initially based upon a large selection of Italian and European abstract art, soon became so important that it was exhibited in 1957 at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome and in numerous other museums throughout Europe. In 1960 GAC concentrated on his artistic production and for the entire decade centered his research on materials and relations with other significant contemporary artists in the form of reinterpretations of their works. In 1970 he invented the term autostoricizzazione (self-historicization) and from that point on he started a long work of conceptual self-promotion, which sought to by-pass the roles of the critic and of the market, thus focusing, often ironically, on the mechanisms of the system of art. Particularly interesting examples from this phase include the Standards at the entrance of the museums, the Self-portraits, the Postage Stamps, the Stickers, the Postcards, the Manifestos, which the most exclusive museums in the world would dedicate to the exibitions celebrating Cavellini's centenary, and the page of the Encyclopedia, where he rewrote his biography in an ironic and surreal manner.” (


Pittori moderni dall collezione Cavellini [mostra, maggio-lugli, 1957] Presentazione di Palma Bucarelli, catalogo di Giovanni Carandente. Roma, Editalia [1957]

Arte astratta. Presentazione di Giampiero Giani.Milano [Edizioni della Conchiglia] 1958.

Uomo pittore.Edizioni della Conchiglia, Milano. 1960

Pittori della collezione Cavellini : nella Galleria d’arte moderna, Brescia 1964. [Brescia : La Galleria, 1964]

7 autoritratti di Cavellini : [Galleria d’arte in Pesaro : 28 ottobre-16 novembre 1972]. Milano : La Galleria, 1972.

Manifesti, centenario Cavellini. [Mostra Cenobio-Visualità, Milano. Milano, Cenobio-Visualità, 1972]

25 libri per Cavellini : Sant’Agostino, Dante Alighieri, G.C. Argan ... : [Cenobio Visualità ass., Milano]. [Milano : La Galleria, 1973]

Cimeli. Brescia : Edizioni Nuovi Strumenti, 1974

25 Lettere Brescia : Nuovi strumenti, c1974.

Guglielmo Achille Cavellini. Rome : Cavellini, [1975?]

Analogie. Edizioni Nuovi Strumenti, Brescia. 1975

Continuo la serie delle mie mostre a domicilio ... [Brescia] : Edizioni Nuovi Strumenti, [1975]

1946-1976: Incontri/scontri nella giungla dell'arte / 1946-1976: Encounters/clashes in the jungle of art. Milano: Shakespeare & Company. 1977.

**25 quadri della Collezione Cavellini [s.l.] : Nuovi strumenti, 1976. N7433.4.C38 A4 1976 (Art Lib.) 

**1946-1976, in the jungle of art [English translation by Henry Martin]. [s.l.] : Johannes Gutenberg, [1978?] N6490.C3713 (Art Lib.)

**Nemo propheta in patria [Brescia] : Edizioni nuovi strumenti, c1978. N7433.4.C38A4 1978 (Art Spec. Coll.)

**The Diaries of Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, 1975. [Joannes Gutenberg, editor [sic]. [Brescia? : s.n. ; 1978?] N6923.C386 A2 1979b (Art Lib.)

**Cavellini in California and in Budapest : living-room show 1980 [English translation by Henry Martin]. [S.l. : s.n., 1980] NX552.Z9C392 1980 (Art Lib.) 

**Autoritratti : mostra a domicilio 1981 = Self-portraits : living-room exhibition 1981 [Brescia : s. n., 1981] N6923.C386A4 1981 (Art Lib.)

**Autoritratti impertinenti = Impertinents selfportraits. Brescia : Edizioni Nuovi strumenti, c1985. N6923.C386 A4 1985 (Art Lib.)

**Il sistema mi ha messo in croce : mostra a domicilio = living-room exhibition = exposition a domicile = Austelleung [sic] zu Hause, 1986. Brescia, Italia : G.A. Cavellini, [1986?] N6923.C386 A4 1986 (Art Lib. Lim. Access)

Guglielmo Achille Cavellini : Italia : Ken Damy al primo piano, Brescia. Brescia, Italy : K. Damy, [1988]

Vita di un genio : è di estrema importanza che io racconti la mia vita ... Brescia, Italia : Centro studi cavelliniani, [1989]

Sources for obtaining more information about the artist

Website: - very detailed and seemingly exhaustive bibliography.

Perneczky, Geza. Network Atlas: World and Publications by the People of the First Network. Soft Geometry, Cologne. (updated April 2003). Vol. 1, pp. 95-97.


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