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Guy Bleus(b.1950) is a Belgian mail art theorist and performance artist who directs an extensive mail art archive, The Administration Centre (AKA T.A.C. 42.292 ), established in 1978. The number refers to when, in 1979, Bleus officially catalogued himself at the Benelux Trademark Office, The Hague, as number 42.292; "I am registered," he says, "therefore I am." His writings on mail art and networking subjects appear in many international magazines, catalogues and books. His first correspondence art project was in 1968 and it resulted in the publication of the journal Subterranean II (edited by The Academy of Art in Ghent). In his 1981-83 Mail Art Atlas, Bleus asked artists to send him a personalized map of their nation. Comprising 459 participants from 48 countries, it folds into a pocket-sized booklet. In 1996, Bleus published The artistamp collection which was the first CD-ROM catalogue on mail art. Bleus has focused on archiving processes and curatorial projects in a practice that he refers to as administration. Guy Bleus lives and works in Wellen, Belgium.


Subterranean II (Ghent, 1968-70) - Periodical

Are you experienced? Wellen, B[elgium] : G.B./Administration Centre, [1981] (editor) – Exhibition Catalog

**W.A.A. : mail eARTh project. Turnhout : Warande, [1983] - Exhibition Catalog N6494.M35 B58 1982 (Art Spec. Coll.)

Bambu 13 (Wellen, 1982-92)

Telegraphy and mail art project : [exhibitions], 26.03-17.04.1983. [Hasselt, Belgium] : Provbinciaal Museum Hasselt, [1983] – Exhibition Catalog

Commonpress 56 (Tinen, 1984) – Periodical

Art is books : kunstenaarsboeken = livres d'artistes = artists' books = Künstlerbücher . Hasselt [Belgium] : Provinciale Centrale Openbare Bibliotheek, 1991. – Exhibition Catalog

Building plans & schemes : mail-art project : Orde van Architecten Limburg, Architectuurwijzer, T.A.C.-42.292, Cultuurcentrum Heusden-Zolder. Wellen, België : Administration Centre-42.292, 1993. (curator) – Exhibition catalog

Een dialoog tussen de postbode en zijn electronische schaduw : alsmede een algemene discours over mail - art, meer bepaald een onderzoek naar de grondslagen van een communicatief kunstfenomeen. Wellen : T.A.C.-42.292, 1994.

In a memory of Ray Johnson. Wellen, Belgium : The Administration Centre, 42.292, 1995. – Artist Book

Postmuseum : in de erezaal presenteert Guy Bleus "Mail-Art Memorabilia" uit zijn archief T.A.C.-42.292 : van du 14/10/1995 tot au 5/11/1995 =Musée postal : dans la salon d’honneur Guy Bleus présente "Mail-Art Memorabilia" provenant de ses archives T.A.C.-42-292. (Cover Title: Musée postal Mail-art memorabalia, T.A.C.-42.292. Wellen, Belgium : G. Bleus, [1995] – Exhibition Catalog

**The artistamp collection [electronic resource] : mail-art networking. Wellen : Guy Bleus-Archives, c1996. N6494.M35 A758 1996 (Art Lib. CD-ROM)

Guy Bleus. (Related Title: Broken stamps.) San Francisco, Calif. : Stamp Art Gallery, [1996] – Exhibition catalog

Eutopia [computer file] : mail art from the west / Guy Bleus, Dre Devens ; first networking project in the United States of Europe. Maastricht, Netherlands : D. Devens : Balcony Wellen, Belgium : G. Bleus T.A.C. 42.292, c1997.

E-pêle-mêle, 1994-1995 : electronic mail art netzine. Limburg : PCBK : Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, c1997. (editor) - Periodical

Eutopia [electronic resource] : mail art from the west Maastricht, Netherlands : D. Devens : Balcony Wellen, Belgium : G. Bleus T.A.C. 42.292, c1997. (With Dre Devens.)

Sources for obtaining more information about the artist:

Websites: - contains almost two dozen articles by Bleus about Mail Art, but no images.

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