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Vittore Baroni (b.1956) is an Italian mail-artist, copy artist, musician, musical critic and publisher who is also known as “Mister Bizarro”. He is one of the most active and respected frequenters of the Mail-Art circuit since the late seventies. Baroni came in contact with Mail-Art in 1977 after a full page ad in an issue of the art magazine Flash Art attracted his attention. It was an ad from the artist Guglielmo Achille Cavellini (Italy) who was sitting on a bizarre bicycle and offering free books to anyone who was interested. Baroni wrote him and started a correspondence with Cavellini. He organized his first Mail-Art exhibition in 1979 in the ‘Forte dei Marmi’ town library. In October of the same year he published the first issue of his magazine Arte Postale! (1980-?). To house his own personal Mail-Art publications such as Arte Postale! and other materials related to his Mail-Art activities, Baroni created ‘Near the Edge Editions’ in 1978. He also released several “plagiarist” cassettes and records as the "multiple name" band ‘Lieutenant Murnau, a project that ended in 1984. In 1981 he and Piermario Ciani founded the international multimedia group ‘Trax’ together with Massimo Giacon and a catalogue called Last Trax with a registration of all artworks and activities made by ‘Trax’was published in 1987. In 1992 they establish ‘The Stickerman Museum’as a part of Ciani's ‘Stickerman Project, dedicated to all forms of adhesive art. Ciani and Baroni founded AAA, their own publishing house in 1996. They launched the ‘F.U.N.’(Funtastic United Nations) project in 2002. Another name you might encounter in Baroni's mailings is ‘Ethereal Open Network’ or ‘E.O.N., a name he gave to his Mail-Art archive, which has become rather a disordered archive, stored in two rooms and several boxes.


Futurgappismo : interventi / di Sarenco ... [et al.] ; a cura di Vittore Baroni e Carlo Battisti. Verona, Italy : Edizioni Factotum-art, [1979] (curator) – Exhibition Catalog

Arte Postale (1980) - Periodical

Xerographica : mostra internazionale di fotocopie d’autore. Udine, Italy : Campanotto Editore, 1985. (with many other artists)

Vittore Baroni’s Mail art handbook. Forte dei Marmi, Italy : Near the Edge Editions, [1986?]

I colori del rock : cartoline psichedeliche S. Francisco 1965-1969. Roma : Stampa alternativa, 1989. – Artist Book

Last Trax : resoconto finale del Progetto Trax = final report of the Trax Project / [Baroni, Ciani, Giacon]. S.l. : s.n., 1990?]

Spider baby : reduction of. Ohio : Luna Bisonte Prods, 1996 (With John M. Bennett.)

Sushi sickness. Columbus, Ohio : Luna Bisonte Prods, 1996 (With John M. Bennett.)

Arte postale : guida al network della corrispondenza creative. Bertiolo (Udine) : AAA, 1997.

A haw : a graphic poem thighs. Columbus, OH : Luna Bisonte Prods, 1999 (With John M. Bennett.)

Household word arranger. Columbus, OH : Luna Bisonte Prods, 1999 (With John M. Bennett.)

Read the instructions Columbus, Ohio : Luna Bisonte Prods, 1999 (With C. Mehrl Bennett and John M. Bennett.)

Reburn to sender. Columbus, OH : Luna Bisonte Prods, 1999 (With John M. Bennett.)

Film e colonne sonore / di Vittore Baroni e Giona A. Nazzaro. Pavia : Apache, 1999.

**Artistamps = francobolli d'artista / James Warren Felter. Bertiolo, Italy : AAA Edizioni, 2000. (preface by VB, N6494.M35 F46 2000, Art Spec. Coll. )

Sources for obtaining more information about the artist:

Website: this is the website for Baroni’s publishing company. You can buy books they have published and also work by Baroni and other artists.

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Some biographical information obtained from Sztuka Fabryka (2005). Mail-Art Encyclopaedia. accessed in April 2005.


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