Social Responsibility

New at Stevenson: Pulper

A new pulper/extractor has been installed in Stevenson Dining Hall as of the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. The pulping process reduces waste to about one-eighth of the original volume. The machine is not a composter, but it has an extractor that squeezes out most of the liquid, leaving a pulp material thatís drier, lighter and easier to work with. This material is sent to Oberlin's own George Jones Farm to be composted.

The pulper is a huge step towards reducing the amount of waste that we produce. We expect it to reduce our post-consumer solid waste by 95 percent and our dish room water use by 75 percent. Hopefully, in the future, it will be able to take food waste from all the dining halls and dorms, but for now we are seeing how well it handles Stevensonís waste.

Next time you eat at Stevenson, be sure to scrape all of your food waste and napkins into the clear plastic bins so that we can compost it. This compost helps provide nutrients for plants at the George Jones Farm, some of which we eat at CDS!

This project would not have been possible without funding from the Green Edge Fund, the senior gift, and Bon Appetite, and the dedication of Michele Gross, Joan Boettcher, and your CDS recyclers.

Updated: 10/14/2011