Winter Term Internships

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Optimize your Internship

The Career Center hopes that you have an enjoyable and rewarding Winter Term internship. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you, or if you have questions or concerns at any point before, during, or after your internship. Phone: 440-775-8140; Email:

Fitting in at your worksite

Starting at your internship may feel a bit like starting your first year at Oberlin. Everything will be new and different, and it will take some time before you know your way around. When you first arrive at your internship, watch others for cues on appropriate behavior, dress, etc. If you have specific questions, ask your Site Supervisor. Treat your internship like a professional experience.

Appropriate attire

You don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but check to see that you have a couple of items that you can mix and match that fit the business casual description. For men, that means nice pants or khakis and a buttoned shirt and/or sweater. For women, it means nice slacks or a skirt and a buttoned shirt and/or sweater. Most importantly, present a neat and polished appearance (your clothes should be ironed, etc.). If you have questions about what's appropriate attire at your worksite, ask your Site Supervisor.

Be on time

You must be on time every day. If there is an emergency and you know you will be late, call your Site Supervisor immediately to let him or her know where you are. You are expected to show up every day at your worksite. If you become ill and can't make it in one day, let your Site Supervisor know as soon as possible.

Keep personal business to a minimum

Resist the temptation to use your phone and computer for personal calls and emails. If you don't have enough work to keep yourself busy, ask for additional projects, conduct informational interviews with staff in your office, ask to sit in on meetings, etc. Never ever use your work computer to view inappropriate websites. The employer owns the computer and therefore it isn't yours to use for non-work related purposes.

Ask lots of questions

Use your internship as an opportunity to learn as much about this field as you possibly can. Introduce yourself to the people who work in your office, get to know as much about their jobs as you can, and take advantage of the opportunity to make connections which may benefit you later on when you're looking for a summer internship or a job after graduation.

Strike a balance between eager and pushy

Let your supervisor know if you'd like more work, or can think of a better way of doing a project. However, be careful not to be too pushy. Don't try to change the way your employer does everything on your first day on the internship.

Keep organized

You may be asked to work on several projects simultaneously, so you'll need to come up with a way to keep everything organized. Make a to-do list; clarify the instructions for the assignments you receive; keep aware of deadlines; and ask for help prioritizing when you need it.

Keep your workspace neat and orderly

Straighten up your desk and projects you've worked on every day before you leave.

In case of emergency, share your emergency contact information with your site supervisor and your host if you're not living with family.

Enjoy your internship!