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Finding short-term housing in a new city can be challenging. It may take resourcefulness and perseverance to find a place to live. The first step in your housing search is to make a list of all the people you know who have connections in the city where you'd like to live. Include long-lost relatives, friends of friends, even parents of your Oberlin friends who are from that city. Contact everyone on your list to see if they can put you up for awhile, or if they have ideas about where you could look for housing.

In addition to contacting everyone on your housing list, you may wish to use some online sources to widen your search. Check the temporary housing links on the right; you may also wish to look into housing options at universities in the city where you will be living. Some universities rent out dorm rooms on a temporary basis, and some have housing offices that list sublet advertisements. You should also check the Oberlin online classifieds to see if any alumni have posted sublets in the city where you'll be.

Occasionally, Oberlin alumni will be willing to provide temporary housing for students. You can search for alumni who are willing to house students in the ObieWeb database. Meet with a career advisor for more instructions about how to do this. The number of alumni who have housing available is typically quite low, so don't plan on this option as your only strategy.