Finding Summer Internships

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Finding an Internship

Looking for an internship is very similar to looking for a job. Don't jump at the first opportunity that comes along. The best strategy is to look for an internship in a good organization - the kind you would eventually like to work for. The skills you learn and the resources you discover in your internship search will help you when you apply for jobs after graduation. There are several different strategies you can use for finding an internship. You might:

  • Look for internship listings on websites and in newspapers and directories
  • Identify prospective employers and contact them to ask about internship opportunities
  • Network to find out about hidden opportunities

It's a good idea to use a combination of these methods, rather than just relying on one of them. More information on each method is included below, and we are here to help. A staff member in the Career Center would be happy to help you with your individual internship search strategy.

Internship Listings

Internship listings are available through ObieOpps, LACN and NIC.

Other places to look for internships include:

  • Web databases: try your own internet searches.
  • Internship Directories available in the Career Center library.

Identify Prospective Employers

Another internship search strategy is to identify prospective employers by field of interest and/or geographic area. Check the webpages of employers that interest you, and click on the Jobs or Human Resources link if there is one. After you've researched a particular organization, call to inquire about internship possibilities. Ask for the name of the person who should receive your resume. Write a targeted cover letter and resume, and follow up with a phone call a week later.


Networking is a very successful strategy for identifying internship opportunities. An effective networking approach is to conduct an informational interview with people who work in your field of interest. Ask general questions about the field to learn as much as you can, and continue to evaluate whether this is a field in which you'd like to do an internship. Also ask for information about where you should look for internships. Are there other people you should talk to, publications you should read, email lists you should subscribe to? More information about successful networking is available on the Networking & ObieWeb section of our website.

Application deadlines

Application deadlines for internships vary greatly. The process of searching for internships and applying takes time. Don't miss out on great opportunities by waiting too long to get started. Some of the first deadlines for summer internships are as early as December, so it's a good idea to get started looking during fall semester. See the Presenting Yourself section of our website for information on preparing your internship application.