Music School

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Thinking about a graduate degree in music? Graduate programs in music encourage students to develop individual talents, interests and philosophies in the subject area. Graduates with a masters (MA) or PhD degree in music can look forward to careers as music instructors, performing artists, conductors, historians, musicologists, music therapists and more.

There are many reasons to go to graduate school, both personal and professional. Whatever your reasons may be, make sure your choice is an educated one. Typical reasons to consider graduate study include: studying with a specific teacher, further development as a musician, teacher certification for public schools, specific repertoire/technology/techniques exploration, or to study an area different from your undergraduate experience. However, it is most important to assess whether getting an advanced degree in music is really what you need.

To help you in making this important decision, it's critical to speak with your teachers and clarify your goals. Additional information on graduate school in music can be found to the right.