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At some point in your musical career you will be asked for a press kit. This often conjures up images of a heavy suitcase you must lug around to each competition, festival, audition and job interview. While a press kit is a group of items, these items should all fit nicely into a two-pocket folder.The items included in the press kit should always be tailored to the purposes you will use it and for the needs of the recipient. Not everyone needs a press kit and you shouldn’t send on unless specifically requested.

All materials should be printed on good paper with your heading at the top. Put everything in a two-pocket folder. The cover should have a sticker that matches your heading or your business card pasted to it.

See Bio Guide for Musicians and other Artists

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Repertoire Lists
You can include a list of solo and chamber works. Your repertoire list should match your bio and resume headings. Works should be listed alphabetically by composer’s last name. Don’t include single movements; only complete works. Items on your repertoire list can be those you have performed as well as those you have studied.

Singers should have a category of “Roles Prepared” or “Roles Studied”. You can organize the items into categories such as oratorio, opera, etc.

For composers you should list your stuffy titles “Original Publications”. This should include arrangements and don’t forget to credit the original composer.

Keeping a list of the pieces you have performed and studied is important. It will help you in planning works to study in the future and to see what might be missing including works from a specific period, contemporary works, etc. Rep lists are helpful because they are often requested at competition, festival and graduate school auditions as well as on applications for grants.

Concert Programs, Flyers and Concert Advertising Pieces
These items should be from chamber music or solo concerts.



* Demo tapes/cd's
You should only include a demo cd or tape if it is specifically requested or you are sure the person receiving your press kit will listen to it.
* Reviews
Make sure to cut out the heading with newspapers name and date from the front page, which is also known as a masthead. Arrange both on an 81/2 by 11 piece of paper and make copies. You can underling or highlight where your name appears or the paragraph about you. Excepts/Quotes can also be used as a heading for impressive things that have been written about you. Don’t forget to include the writer’s name, date and publication. Quotes from coaches, conductors, teachers or club owners can also be used but get permission first.
* Appearances List
Particularly useful for jazz musicians and can be called “Recent Engagements”.
* Letters of Recommendation
Letters from conductor’s club owners, presenters
* Sample Program
Actual programs you are offering to presenters.