Gig Referral Service: Student Info


The Gig Referral Service aims to provide Oberlin Conservatory students with freelance performance opportunities, as well as a chance to help students develop professional and career skills. The service also aims to provide community members with quality musicians at a competitive cost.

Gigs—also referred to as freelance opportunities, one-time jobs, or professional engagements—are performance opportunities for Oberlin Conservatory students that typically include weddings or receptions, corporate functions, and “atmosphere” entertainment. The Gig Referral Service facilitates the hiring of talented student musicians through a web site that allows clients to search and review students' professional bios and to contact the musician or ensemble directly.

The Gig Referral Service is not intended for full-time job openings or to coordinate private lessons. Students are expected to uphold the highest professional and performance standards as they are representing the Conservatory.

Students will occasionally accept gigs on a volunteer basis for local and community events.  They are encouraged to keep in mind that such appearances may increase the likelihood of other paid opportunities, provide exposure, and serve the community.  It is important to consider that many of our students live on campus without transportation and may need assistance in arranging their transport in volunteer situations.

How to Participate in the Gig Referral Service

  1. Create a page on if you don't have one already.
  2. Submit your page to the Gigs Tumblr page.
  3. The Director of Conservatory Professional Development will review and approve your materials.
  4. Propective clients will search the Tumblr site and contact you directly to arrange a gig.