The Artistic Biography

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Whether your focus is art, theater, music or dance, when the committee or individual is hiring, auditioning, or attending a performance, they look closely at your artistic biography. At a glance, the biography represents the artist by highlighting their history, accomplishments, personal and professional influences, and future aspirations. It must grasp the reader's attention and should include information to impress the reader, by presenting personal facts in the best possible light. A meticulously written artist biography is the first step in the door.


Your biography is written in complete sentences and paragraphs, unlike the resume. However, it is beneficial in crafting a biography if you have already outlined your experience in resume form. Begin by brainstorming a list of your most significant accomplishments and a chronological list of your experience. Additional guidelines and examples can be found in the Guide to Writing Effective Bios created specifically for Conservatory students (see right column).