Provide Winter Term or Summer Housing

The greatest need for housing is during Winter Term when many students pursue internships in locations other than their hometown. It can be very difficult and expensive for students to rent an apartment for one month during Winter Term, or for three months during the summer. Oftentimes the cost of renting an apartment at the market rate for a city will deter a student from choosing to accept an internship. It is extremely unfortunate when students decline internship experiences because they cannot afford the cost of living expenses associated with the internship. Your ability to offer housing to Oberlin students would be greatly appreciated!

How to Provide Housing

If you are able to offer temporary housing to students for winter term and/or for a summer, there are two ways that you can let us know of your interest:

  1. Complete an online submission form. A member of the Career Center staff will make students aware of your housing opportunity.
  2. Indicate your willingness to provide temporary housing in the last section of your ObieWeb profile under the options: I am willing to house students during the summer and Willing to house Winter Term students.

Tips for Offering Housing

Here are some guidelines to help ensure your experience will be a positive one for you and the student you house:

  • Don't be too hasty. Often the first student who happens to contact you is the one you end up housing. We suggest being selective and taking the time to ask for information that would be helpful to you in making a good decision for your household. It is o.k. to turn down a student on the basis that you don't think he/she would be a good fit for your household.
  • Be clear and up front with students - even before you agree to house them, as to the rules of the house and any expectations you will have. One way to avoid awkwardness is to prepare friendly, but written guidelines for the student that you can send via e-mail before you decide to house him/her. These can include:
    • Expectation of any rent or compensation
    • Transportation issues
    • Smoking in or around premises
    • Laundry
    • Meals, use of refrigerator and other stored foods
    • Rules regarding guests
    • Any expectations of helping out with things around the house (chores, child care, etc.)
    • Use of computer - if you allow students to use your own computer, be very clear about rules
  • For any alumni with questions about liability, it is no different than having any other guest in your home.
  • If you notice a problem while the student is staying with you, bring it up immediately. Give the student the opportunity to correct the problem. If the student does not, you have the right to ask the student to find housing elsewhere.