Winter Term Internships: About

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Winter Term (the month of January) presents an opportunity for you to share your expertise with a current student and help him/her learn more about your career field. Winter Term internships are designed to provide students with realistic exposure to career fields in which they are interested. Alumni offer a majority of our Winter Term internships, but we also welcome internship offers from parents of Oberlin students, employers, and other friends of the College.

Interested in offering a Winter Term internship but unsure of where to start? Review the related web pages for a better understanding of the internship process and the information needed to post an internship. Assistance is available if you would like guidance on how to draft an internship description, what types of responsibilities/projects would be fitting for a one-month internship, and how to interview and select an intern once you have received your applications.

Organization Benefits

  • Receive an eager assistant to help out with projects for a month
  • An opportunity for you to share information about your profession and provide career mentoring to an Oberlin student

Student Benefits

  • A firsthand look at what it's really like to work in your field
  • The opportunity to apply their liberal arts skills in a real-world environment
  • Information to help them in their career decision-making
  • Experience to strengthen their future job and internship applications