Alumni Fellowship

Each year Oberlin College offers limited fellowship support for Oberlin alumni in graduate study. Applicants must submit a completed application which includes an application form, to be downloaded at this website, a project proposal, transcripts from Oberlin College and any other institutions attended, and two recommendations. All of these items must be received in the Career Center office—the address is on the application form—by February 15th. Your complete application will therefore include:

  1. Three copies of the project description
  2. Application form (PDF link), including financial information
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. Official transcript(s) from all the colleges and universities you have attended
  5. Copy of your notification of acceptance only if you are just beginning a graduate school program

You can find more tips on your application here (PDF link).

Please note that these fellowships cannot pay your entire tuition and living expenses for multiple years of graduate school. Nonetheless, they can support a particular portion of your graduate study for which few other monies are available. In the past we have funded, for example, analysis of data collected in order to complete a dissertation or tuition charges for the first year in graduate school if the applicant can be self-supporting with a teaching fellowship afterwards. We have also granted requests for specific project needs, such as microfilming documents or obtaining software need to perform particular statistical analysis, as well as meeting costs for renting musical equipment for a final project leading to an M.F.A. degree.

If you are awarded an alumni fellowship you will be required to submit an official acceptance form, which will be sent to you on or around April 1st. Award checks are usually available by June 1st.

If you have further questions, contact Paula Richman or Nick Petzak.