Allen Memorial Art Museum
Exhibitions 2015-16

Throughout 2015–16, the AMAM presents exhibitions, guest speakers, and programs relating to the theme of the human body.

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August 14 to December 23, 2015

Hidden Mother

Early portrait photographers employed a number of devices—from pedestals to pincer-like braces—to stabilize the bodies of their subjects during long exposures. But these methods often were not suitable for the small, unruly body of a child. Instead, the photographer enlisted the mother, who, hidden by studio props, supported or soothed her offspring. Read more

September 1 to December 13, 2015

Body Proxy: Clothing in Contemporary Art

Due to their intimate associations with the body, articles of clothing function as powerful metaphors for the human condition. Clothes offer their wearers warmth and protection, while also communicating valuable information about public identity and status. Even when discarded, clothes retain poignant traces of the individuals to whom they once belonged and become stand-ins—or proxies—for the human body. Read more

September 1 to December 23, 2015

Transformation: Images of Childhood and Adolescence

Just as significant physical and emotional changes occur over the years spanning infancy to adolescence, artists’ representations of children have shifted dramatically over the centuries, using their subjects as illustration for a variety of ideas about family, art, and society. Read more

September 1 to December 23, 2015

The Body: Looking In and Looking Out

Instruments of perception and discovery—lenses, mirrors, cross sections, and vanishing points—appear throughout this selection of more than 40 works from the AMAM collection and on loan from the Oberlin College Library Special Collections, the science library, and the Clarence Ward Art Library. Read more

Through June 5, 2016

Psycho / Somatic: Visions of the Body in Contemporary East Asian Art

In Asian thought, the body is often understood in many ways and on multiple levels simultaneously. A number of the works examine the mind-body relationship found in esoteric Buddhist traditions and how it can reveal an individual’s larger dimensions through visual quotations from religious imagery. Read more

Through June, 2016

Return of the Dragon

Dragons appear in East Asian folk tales, mythology, and all of the region’s major religious traditions. Unlike the fire-breathing, gold-hoarding, maiden-kidnapping variety in Western mythology, in East Asia the dragon is most often a positive symbol as a harbinger of rain and controller of floods and storms. Read more

Piano 2016 | Violin 2017
For young musicians ages 13 to 18
$10,000 first prize

Presented each July by Oberlin Conservatory of Music and the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cooper Competition showcases the most promising young musicians from around the world. Five days of performances on campus give way to the thrilling Concerto Finals at Severance Hall, where three finalists compete for the grand prize in concert with the Cleveland Orchestra.

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